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Spring Lookbook 2021

Posted by Ameley Kwei-Armah on

To kick-start the season, here are four simple must have nail art designs for this Spring! Compiled with images and a brief tutorial, this lookbook will help inspire you and your clients.

LOOK 1 - Spring Daisy

Daisy flower nail design with saffron yellow nail polish

Less is definitely more with this look and it is so simple to achieve. Daisy nail art is a must have for spring and anyone can do it! So this is how we achieved this look.

1. Simply paint 6 fingers a solid colour we've chosen Saffron Yellow.

2. Paint the nails that the Daisy's will be on in a French Pink colour.

3. Using a dotting tool place a small yellow dot randomly on the nail (not too random as you'll be adding a few more so make sure you've thought about spacing).

4. With a slightly larger dotting tool gently draw 4 dots, two either side, one at the top and one at the bottom.

5. Repeat all over the nail. If you can't get a full Daisy on don't worry, the design looks great with half Daisy's incorporated!


LOOK 2 - Pastel French Twist

 Multicoloured pastel french nail design

This look is a take on the classic French but we've added a twist. Due to the Spring season we've gone with pastel colours and decided to use one colour for each nail.

1. Paint all the nails a French Pink colour.

2. Choose 4 or 5 pastel colours you'd like to use for your set. We've chosen, pink, green, blue and purple

3. It's best to have a nail paint pallet to hand so you can distribute each colour onto the pallet.

4. Using a liner brush, start from the middle of the nail and draw a curved line up to the other side of the nail

5. Paint the 'french' section with the polish brush (it's much quicker than trying to fill it in with a liner brush)

6. Draw another curved line directly underneath it leaving a gap.

7. Cure, top coat and voila! 


LOOK 3 - Peachy Cherries

pink cherries with soft peach nail polish

Similar to our Daisy design we wanted to incorporate some spring and summer fruits into this set. Pastel's aren't the only colours you can use for a spring set, light colours such as peach, yellow and light blue also work very well.

1. Simply paint 6 fingers a solid colour we've chosen Peach.

2. Paint the nails that the Cherries will be on in a French Pink colour.

3. Using a dotting tool place two small red dots (just a tincy wincy bit apart from each other) randomly on the nail. Don't forget you'll be adding storks so bear that in mind when placing the dots on the nail.

4. Cure, then using green gel polish get your detailer brush and draw two lines diagonally from the top of the cherry, that meet each other at the top.

5. Cure, top-coat and you've got some peachy cherries! Or maybe Lychees??


LOOK 4 - Ombré Pastel

ombre pastel pigment nail polish design

What's Spring without Ombré? For this look we used pastel pigments to create this simple line design set.

1. Paint all the nails a french pink colour.

2. Once you've done two coats of colour, top-coat in your favourite non-wipe topcoat.

3. Get some white gel polish (make sure it leaves a tacky layer) and draw a line down the middle that curves at the ends with a liner brush.

4. Cure

5. Whip out your pigments and randomly apply the pigments to the white line. Remember with pigments, a little goes a long way!

6. Topcoat, cure and you've got a masterpiece!


We hope you've enjoyed this look book! Comment below and let us know what your favourite look is.

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