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Social Media is King

Posted by Ameley Kwei-Armah on

It's no secret, social media is helping to excel people's careers in all different industries. By now you should be on at least one social media platform and if you're not you're already behind!

There are several social media platform's and they each have their pro's and con's. Continue reading to find out about what social media platforms you NEED to be on and why. 

Let's start with the obvious. Facebook.

Founded in 2004 Facebook as gone on to be the biggest social media platform of its time and understandably too. Let's face it, we all had a Facebook account at one point in our lives. But that's just it, at one point we all had Facebook but that might not be the case now. I am here to tell you, you NEED to go back onto Facebook.

Why? Well let's look at some facts:

  1. Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users

  2. 1.84 billion users that are visiting the social networking site on a daily basis.

  3. Facebook is the leading social platform, reaching 59of social media users

  4. Users spend an average of 19.5 hours on the social media app each month, 2021

Putting the facts aside, Facebook is a great tool for nail technicians. There are hundreds of support groups to join, groups to help you with nail ideas and groups where you can learn from other professional techs all for free! In addition to this Facebook is a great tool to advertise your business. Advertising on Facebook is very straight forward, you can pay as little as £10 to 'boost' a post or your nail page that could be seen by up to 1,000 people.

Are there any cons? Like everything there is always a downside. Although advertising is cheap, it really doesn't guarantee you'll get any traction from it. In addition to this younger audiences aren't on Facebook as much, so if your clientele is quiet young you may not be reaching them.

In short Facebook is still a very relevant platform to be on as a nail technician.


Continuing on with the theme of Facebook, let's talk about its other company Instagram.

Again, this might be an obvious option for some but there is still a lot of nail techs who aren't on Instagram who need to be. 

So here are the facts:

  1. At 1.082 billion users, Instagram is ranked at the 6th most popular social network by number of users. 

  2. 23.92% of the 4.18 billion active mobile internet users access Instagram monthly, the same amount of people that live in Europe and North America combined.

  3. People spend an average of 28 minutes a day on Instagram – Users under the age of 25 spent 32 minutes and 24 minutes for those over 25.

  4. 500 million daily active users access the Instagram app globally., 2021

Now don't feel like you have to be established, fully booked with regular clientele to be on Instagram. The moment you decide you want to be a nail tech, create an Instagram page for your nails. Instagram is a brilliant platform, aside from practically being the biggest nail art gallery, Instagram is the BEST way to find clients, all for free! Much like Facebook you can also advertise on Instagram for relatively cheap.

If you're not on Instagram you're doing yourself a disservice because we can guarantee you've been sent a nail design from a client, that came from where? Yup, Instagram!

Annoyingly, Instagram constantly messing with their algorithm may be their downfall. Gone are the days of a chronological timeline and seeing posts from people you actually follow. Instagram's ever changing algorithm means you'll constantly have to keep up with what you need to do to stay visible. Because one day you'll get 100's of likes and the next day none!


Let's talk about the underdog that is TikTok! 

TikTok exploded in 2020 with the help of the pandemic but also with the absolutely awesome content that is posted on the platform.

So just how well is TikTok performing?

  1. TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide.  

  2. The TikTok app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on the App Store and Google Play.

  3. When it comes to the daily time spent on TikTok, users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.

  4. 90% of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis.

  5. There was an average number of more than 1 million videos viewed every day in a year., 2021

EVERY nail tech NEEDS to be on TikTok! It is the EASIEST platform to go viral on and you'll see that for yourself. In the last year TikTok has cemented itself as THAT platform everyone is talking about, and they aren't going away anytime soon.

The only downside we've have found is Tik Tok can be very hit and miss. Your worst video can have 1000's of likes and views and your best have 200. Which can be disheartening but consistency and following trends seems to be a guaranteed winner.


Last, but certainly not least is Youtube.

Don't be afraid to start a Youtube channel just because everyone else does. You can still stand out and have a successful channel.

Here's why Youtube is beneficial:

  1. YouTube has 2.3 billion users worldwide.

  2. 79% of Internet users have their own YouTube account.

  3. YouTube viewers watch over a billion hours of video on the platform every day and generate billions of views. (YouTube, 2021)

  4. Everyday people watch one billion hours of video on YouTube., 2021

Youtube is a great platform to show off your skills and get paid for it! It's also a great way for other techs to learn from you and to make a name for yourself in the industry.

For obvious reasons, it is hard to get noticed on Youtube and you only start making any money once you have over 1,000 subscribers but even then it is not much. You also have to be extremely consistent and editing videos can be a lengthy and tedious process.

All in all, nail technicians should be on at least one of these platforms. The more the merrier but which each platform you need to put in time, effort and be consistent. 

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