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The Power of Sisterhood

Posted by Ameley Kwei-Armah on

A friend in me is a friend indeed.

It's extremely important to not feel like you have to be in this industry alone. You don't. Creating friendships with other nail technicians really is imperative fot a number of reasons.

Companionship. This industry can be ruthless and unforgiving. So you need to have people by your side who you can lend you a shoulder to cry on when things just get too much. I would not be the nail technician I am to today without the friends I have made in the industry.

Motivation. Without the motivation from an awesome nail tech friend of mine, I would not be writing this post. Why? because I would not be in the industry. If it wasn't for our friendship I would not have been able to motivate myself when I just couldn't get a set right.

If it wasn't for our friendship I would have thrown in the towel when I couldn't get that perfect Ombre blend. Having friends in the industry who know just how difficult it is to perfect your craft is a great life line. When you can't motivate yourself, they can and they will.

Skill Building. This goes without saying, the more you talk and build friendships with other techs, the more you improve. We all love sharing tips and tricks that will help us improve our work and when you've formed friendships, who better than to tell your friend the latest tip or trick you've learned.

Business Connections. When you make a friend you could potentially end up being business partners. Who better to partner up with than your friend who knows the industry! Creating friendships could create amazing business opportunities for you and your friends, from opening salons and/or job opportunities.

So where exactly can you easily make friends in the industry?

Instagram! A great way to meet new nail technicians is to just chat! Comment on their stores, their posts and their reels. 

Join instagram groups filled with other nail techs and actively participate int he group.

Facebook! Join a facebook group dedicated to to nail and start actively engaging. Some girls even create WhatsApp groups so if you're comfortable enough, join them!

So all in all, if you feel like you're in the industry alone try and start networking as a great friendship is just as powerful as being a great nail tech.

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